NBA Champ John Salley to Host Third Annual BudTrader Ball on 4/20

The Basketball Legend Turned, Actor, Talk Show Host, Cannabis Advocate and Entrepreneur Will Be Hosting the Prestigious, Red Carpet Cannabis Industry Event in Los Angeles on 'Cannabis Christmas' - April 20.

Four-time NBA Champion John Salley Will Host The Third Annual BudTrader Ball on 4/20, the top cannabis social media platform, today announced that four-time NBA Champion John Salley will host the company’s Third Annual BudTrader Ball. Celebrating the cannabis industry “holiday,” the BudTrader Ball has become the annual go-to event for cannabis executives, politicians and VIP enthusiasts worldwide. This year’s April 20th event will be held at Wisdome Immersive Art Park in downtown Los Angeles.

John Salley joined BudTrader as an investor and advisory board member in February 2019. He posted the announcement (Link to Video) via social media, and it has since gone viral on social media with over 200,000 combined total views among all platforms.

The red carpet, black tie industry gala expects to draw 1,500 VIP guests. The list includes cannabis industry professionals, influencers, political figures, entertainers, professional athletes, recording artists, media figures and others who share a love of cannabis and the community.

Guests will get to enjoy the immersive virtual reality art experience throughout each of Wisdome Art Park’s five-domed rooms. Each dome is equipped for VR, 360 audio and 360 projection mapping technology. Throughout the evening, Ball attendees can enjoy Samskara, the immersive  VR art experience by artist-in-residence Android Jones. “We’re bringing our industry the ultimate, eclectic, all-encompassing art-music-cannabis experience! I can’t think of a better way to explain it. And having John Salley and his brilliant presence bringing it all together, well, it’s a slam-dunk! I’m thrilled to have him with us,” said BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin.

The BudTrader team has assembled an incredible music line-up, including DJ Lord (of Prophets of Rage, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill) and musicians from acts like Imagine Dragons, Prince, Vampire Weekend and more surprise acts. 

VIP guests can look forward to luxury cannabis swag bags of the industry’s top products of all kinds - everything from top-shelf flower to edibles to gear. As with every aspect of the BudTrader Ball, the team is extremely careful when choosing which brands to spotlight. 

While the Ball is primarily invite-only, BudTrader is releasing a limited number of Individual Sponsorship ticket packages. 

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