BudTrader.com Seeks Promotions Manager to "Sample Marijuana Products, Hang Out With Models and Party"

Online Medical Marijuana Marketplace Sets the Bar 'High' For MMJ Marketing & Promotions Job Opening in A Rapidly Expanding Industry.

​​​BudTrader.com, which is the largest online medical marijuana marketplace, has begun the search for a Promotional Marketing Manager to oversee their bevy of supermodel promo girls at upcoming events.

“We need somebody who can manage models and promotions but also knows how to party,” says BudTrader.com CEO Brad McLaughlin, when asked what kind of candidate they are looking for. “But they have to know the difference between partying in their personal life, and partying as a job. We need somebody that knows how to party professionally as a career.”

"they have to know the difference between partying in their personal life, and partying as a job. We need somebody that knows how to party professionally as a career!"

Brad McLaughlin, CEO BudTrader.com

The technical requirements are reasonable – Candidates only need to have their high school diploma or GED, and drug testing will not be done at this workplace (obviously). Brad McLaughlin says they are mostly looking for someone who fits in with the high-energy dynamic of the growing company.  “We need someone who is a hardworking, hustler, a multitasker who knows how to have fun but is also ready to put in work.”

The team at BudTrader.com is no stranger to ‘putting in work’. They launched a flashmob-style promo at the California Cannabis Business Expo in San Diego earlier this month called “Blunts & Babes”. At the event their team of supermodels gave away 10,000 pre-rolled joints and hugs to expo attendees. “The reaction to our BudTrader.com Blunts & Babes event was even bigger than we expected,” says CEO Brad McLaughlin. “We know we had to hire someone super competent to make sure the models’ interactions with BudTrader fans go smoothly and to make sure everyone has an awesome time.”

This job comes with some unusual benefits, too. The job posting by BudTrader.com lists the job-related perks as a “unlimited samples” of various Marijuana/CBD/Hemp related products, along with a free gym membership, and hair cut & styling by a top stylist. The ad says, “We need our employees feeling good and looking sharp!” (see full ad description at https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/lab/6054535685.html)

BudTrader has been growing rapidly since the election in November. According to CEO Brad McLaughlin the site is averaging 5 million monthly visitors and currently has over 500,000 registered users, making it the largest medical marijuana website in the Country. The company plans to open up a Google-style campus in San Diego, California, and wants to attract the best and the brightest minds to help them cash in on what CEO Brad McLaughlin calls “the green rush”. “Google was voted the best company to work for in 2016. In 2017, it’s going to be BudTrader.com. Google were coming for your title this year!” says McLaughlin. 

Media Contact:
Daniel Johnson
The Marijuana Journal

Source: BudTrader.com


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